I awoke this morning to dancing rainbows in my living room.  Yesterday, my best friend gave me a beautiful crystal to hang in my ‘new’ living room and this morning it threw a sprinkling of rainbows all over the floor, up the walls and over the furniture as the gentle breeze made it twist to and fro.  It was truly a lovely sight.  It helped to take my mind off the harassing emails I was getting from my Ex, now that the Judge had amended the restraining order to say that he could only contact me by email.

I had hoped that I was done with all those tedious and time-consuming runs up to the Court House but after the emails, I had to make yet another jaunt to see the free Lawyer of the Day and put my situation before him.  He was not terribly interested.  In the past, the Lawyers of the Day I’d spoken with were all women and they were very sympathetic about the whole thing and even angry at what the Ex had done, but this guy seemed rather weary of hearing people’s troubles and doing it gratis, no less.  I guess I can’t blame him.   He very matter-of-factually told me that the Ex doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that the worst that could happen would be that we’d end up back in court to clarify the vague item in our divorce agreement about photos.  He said to save copies of the emails and also to keep track of when he’s in arrears with his health insurance payments (currently 3 weeks in arrears) and if and when he does take me back to court, to bring out my emails and inform the Judge that he’s in contempt of court by violating the agreement.  Then he ushered me out the door.

Yes, the Ex is threatening to take me back to court.  He’s mad because I’m refusing to re-register and insure his vehicle, which has been registered and insured in my name all a long, because he is a Canadian, it was just easier for me to do it while we were married.  But now that I’ve signed the title over to him, he seems to think that as part of the divorce agreement, I should be footing the bill and taking care of the transfer process for him.  However the lawyer read through the agreement and declared; “That’s not what is says.”  The Ex is also crying the blues because he had asked that I put photos on a thumb drive for him, which he would provide for me before our final court date on August 3rd.  He said he “wanted photos from our travels” and that I could “pick any photos I wanted.”  I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I agreed to it.  He never gave me a thumb drive, so I scrounged up a disk and loaded about 140 photos on it, but now he’s complaining that there are no pictures of family and friends.  Well, I never met any of his family or had taken any photos of his friends.  I only have my photos of MY family and friends and they all hate his guts and adamantly don’t want him to have their photos.   I told him that that wasn’t what he originally asked for and not what I agreed to.   The lawyer says the language in the agreement is so vague that it’s meaningless.  It just says that he gets pictures, it doesn’t say of what or how many.  I’ve been trying to read up on the subject and from what I’m reading, the photographer is the copyright owner and has control of the photos, and as I was the photographer, I gather that I can say who does and doesn’t get my photos.

But, anyway, I put a stop to the emails when I told him that this was “purely an attempt to harass and bully me” and if he thought I was wrong about my assessment of the agreement, to see a lawyer and he was not to email me unless it was to have me sign papers or to come with a policeman to look in the garage for items he thinks he forgot in there.  (He says he left a box of RV cords and some auto parts, but the garage is just about empty except for my bike and some gardening tools, so I don’t think those things are there; this is yet another excuse to be a royal pain in the butt.)  The lawyer said that it was exactly right to “call him out” over the emails and tell him to stop the harassment.

So, at least I was told that I’m on the right path with him and I was given the worse case scenario.  One thing is for sure, he’s an idiot if he takes me back to court.  He got off easy the first time.  I declined alimony.  If there’s a 2nd time, I’m going after EVERYTHING!   I’ve kept his vehicle on the road when I could have pulled his plates (after all, I don’t own it anymore) and considering how he drinks and drives, I don’t want him still driving on my insurance.  I have not mentioned all his deceptions and extra-martial activities in court, up until now.  Things could get a whole lot uglier for him.  Especially, as a guest in this Country, he could eventually find himself with a one-way ticket back to Canada.

I’ve really tried to make this whole distasteful process as easy as possible, just to get it over-with.  Every time I give him an inch, he tries to take a mile.  Every time I give him the benefit of the doubt, he stabs me in the back.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Thank goodness for the dancing rainbows this morning.  I really needed something uplifting in my life…. that and the date I had the previous night with a guy I’ve been seeing recently.  He’s 28.  And cute, too.  🙂

Meadow and sunset across the street.