Raise your hand if 2011 sucked for you.  Me, too.  I’m not sure if this was the most awful year of my life or not, but it’s a strong contender.  I’ve been trying very hard to keep things in perspective but as they used to say on the old radio shows: “The hits just keep on coming!”  I try to deal with each one in turn and shake it off and move onto the next thing, but I could really use a break.  My latest trials have been the news that even the Massachusetts Attorney Generals office couldn’t shame T-Mobile into dropping almost $500.00 in cancellation fees after they could no longer provide reliable service in my area (but I still have a few more avenues to pursue)  and a few days before Christmas  my hours at work were slashed yet again to two, count ’em, TWO hours a week!  I have another part-time job, but the work isn’t consistent, by any means.  And, of course, since I am below their minimum of hours to receive benefits, I lose my health care package.  So, now I’m trying to dig up more jobs and see what I can do about acquiring health care coverage, which is mandatory in the State of Massachusetts.  I can’t afford it so if the State wants me to have it they’d better be prepared to pay for it.   ARGGGGGG!  

Are their any more rugs that can get pulled out from under me?   After a year during which I find out that my husband is trying to hook up with men, women, couples, he-shes, kangaroos, ponies and space aliens….. well, just kidding about the last three, but everything up to the kangaroos is perfectly true; and more hideous discoveries about him, his outrageous behavior that leads to a restraining order which he violates many times, struggling to find enough employment to keep a roof over my head and stretch my pennies in order to survive, the sudden and violent death of a dear friend, my T-Mobile Saga and dealing with cut-backs at work, I am played out and I can say with real sincerity that I could have gone my whole life and skipped over the events of 2011 and that would have been just fine.  Those sentences which describe the last 12 months are brief, but they sum up a period of incredible angst and heartbreak for me.  But, I’ve always been a believed that you can make your own luck; that if you treat people right, work hard and do your best, that everything else will eventually fall into place.  After all, a streak of bad luck is just that; a streak and it’s only temporary.  Good times will be right around the corner.  I just wish they’d hurry up.

Sammy guards the Christmas tree.