Hello 2012!  Boy, am I glad to see you!  You see, the last year wasn’t very good to me and I sure couldn’t wait to kick 2011 to the curb start a fresh year that has the potential to be my best year, yet!

I’m making a serious attempt to throw off the shackles of stress that were so onerous in the previous 12 months and surge forward to a new, better life.  I still have to deal with the problems I had last year, but I will cope with them differently.  Worrying doesn’t solve anything, so I’ve decided that beyond constructive thought and action to find solutions to my current issues, I’m simply not going to waste any time letting them wear me down or destroy my quality of life.  I’ve gotten through previous hard times by telling myself; “You can’t carry it all with you; at a certain point, you just have to be like a duck and let the water roll off your back and move on.  Take a deep breath, compartmentalize it and take it out and deal with it at the right time, but don’t let problems rule your life.”

I’ve decided that this year, I am going to live…. do whatever it takes to make my life more than just the daily grind.  I’m going to focus on the important things; like spending more time with my family and friends, tending  my treasured gardens and rediscover old hobbies like painting and writing.   I’ll pursue getting or building some sort of a camper so I can travel and I will find enough work to enable me to survive.   I don’t care if I ever get rich; all I ask is to survive in relative comfort.  If I meet someone special, that’s okay; if I don’t, that’s okay, too.

I never thought that getting my life back would be such a big project.  The changes that occurred during the eight years I was with my husband were so gradual that I didn’t notice them, but now I realize that me and my existence had become virtually unrecognizable.  Never mind the physical and emotional changes, just the process of going through the massive accumulations of a pack rat is incredible!  I’m almost done getting rid of the junk my ex has neglected to come back and retrieve and then will start going through all our old paperwork and get it neatly filed away (or thrown away).   It feels good to get my household in order.

An acquaintance posted this on Facebook yesterday and I asked him if I could borrow it and include it in my latest blog.  Rich kindly gave me permission to use his piece.

You can not experience happiness, if you are holding on to sadness. You can not… experience success, if you are holding on to your failures. You can not experience comfort, if you are holding on to your pains. You can not experience peace, if you are holding on to bitterness. You can not experience love, if you are holding on to hate. You can not experience humility, if you are holding on to your ego. You can not experience fulfillment, if you are holding on to your disappointments. In order to experience wonderful things that are available to you and your life, you must let go of the things that are holding you captive. Never remain stagnant and always keep your feet and your heart moving in a forward direction…Life always has it’s ups and downs, but it is up to you to make sure that you make the most of the “ups” and always learn from the “downs” Remember, what’s in front of you is of far more importance, than what you have left behind… Have a nice day, Rich Barnes