On January 27th two good things happened: I celebrated my 51st birthday and I started work at a new job for an on-line book store!   I had applied for the job with no real hope of getting it.  I had many qualifications but one thing I did not have to offer was a vast education.   Fortunately for me, the business owner decided to overlook my lack of college degrees and after a three hour interview, I was hired.  The job is only part-time to start out, but it will increase to a ‘real’ job and become a career as time goes on.  My fingers are crossed that all will go well and I will do my best to ensure that both the business and I thrive.   This is the lucky break that I’ve been working toward and waiting for!  I love the job; it’s only 3 miles from home, so it’s an easy commute.  My new boss is a charming and intelligent lady and the work is interesting and enjoyable!  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

My family and friends have gone out of their way to make this an extra special birthday for me; my lifelong best friend took me out to lunch the day before and then some fun shopping, when we ran into another old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in 20 years!  On my actual birthday, my daughters and their families brought over a Chinese food dinner with cake and ice cream and we had a great time!  The next day, my aunt and cousin took me to lunch where we had a lovely gabfest and a wonderful meal, too!  It’s been a whirlwind few days, but it was very nice.

I’m still working two other jobs on a part-time basis and I may gradually phase them out as the new job becomes more demanding.  Especially the employer who cut my schedule down to two hours a week two days before Christmas…. talk about a Grinchy scheme!  That’s just plain cruel and callous.  I had loved that job, but I lost a tremendous amount of respect for them after that.

I’m still going to have my work cut out for me to make ends meet, but at least I have a chance of succeeding now.  I’ll just have to be careful that I use my money prudently and with a lot of thrift and planning, I hope to be able to build up a nest egg of sorts again.

In addition to this good news, we’ve also received a beautiful snow storm.  Twelve inches of the white, fluffy stuff graced our landscape but most of it was gone two days later so it didn’t hang around to make life miserable; just long enough for my dog Sammy and I to slog down the trails on our daily hike, pushing through the heavy snow with Sammy stopping occasionally to roll in it, tunnel in it, eat it and generally have a blast as he joyously romped hither and yon.  Photos below:

Sammy watching the snow fall.