I’m happy to report that I seem to be settling into my new life – what with a new job that shows a lot of promise and finally, a degree of contentedness.  It’s hard to believe that it’s still less than a year since I found out about my (now) ex-husband’s hidden agenda that so rocked my existence.  He’s still the star of my nightmares, but other than that, I don’t waste much time on giving him any thought and I’m far too busy to bother with that, anyways.  I love my new job; it’s incredibly fascinating and as an avid reader working in an on-line book store who gets to take home as many “rejects” (as deemed by the business owner) as I want, I’m in Book Heaven!  I’m also busy with lots of activities with family and friends; for a while, I just didn’t want to socialize very much; I was brought up to always put on a happy face and I was too devastated to want to pretend to be happy around people.  Luckily, I came out of that pretty quickly and now, I’m really ready to be happy again…. not just act that way for the sake of others.  It’s almost like a feeling of being reborn, now that I’m over the heartbreak and I’m able to realize how much better off I am without him, especially knowing that the man I thought I fell in love with never really existed in the first place except as his charade.

My daily hikes with my dog Sammy had been little more than stumbling mindlessly through the forest, only occasionally taking notice of the spectacular scenery around me, the lush foliage, crystalline ponds, the wild beauty of a bounding deer or startled coyote, but now the sky seems bluer, the salty ocean breezes more sweet, the stars and moon brighter and more magical!  The world is full of awe and wonder, again!

Of course, it will take time to continue to sort things out as I get my ducks in a row, but I’m pleased with my progress as I herd those little quackers into a tidy line, occasionally nudging a stray here and there, but basically moving forward.