Sunrise over the pond. View from my east facing windows.

Sunrise over the pond: view out my east-facing windows.

Last spring when I discovered that my husband was trying to hook-up with men, women, couples and he-shes on Craig’s List and about a half-dozen skanky websites, and read in his ads he was describing himself as a drug-user, I was shocked, horrified, and my life as I knew it, was over.  As truly awful as that discovery was, and all the other discoveries that eventually came to light when I came to see what a prolific liar he was, the more time goes by, the more I realize that I am so much better off, now.   This wasn’t the future I’d hoped for, but given the realities of the situation, things are working out fine and I have great hopes for my new life.   I saw my ex today in passing and he looked terrible; haggard, gaunt, dirty and wearing clothes that obviously hadn’t been washed in a long, long time.  He appeared pitiful enough that I might have felt some sympathy had he not behaved so utterly unscrupulously; as it was, I just chalked it up to Karma.

It’s hard to believe that one year could pass so quickly, even if at times it felt as though it would never end.  I’m still wading through a few difficulties, but they are minor in comparison to what I’ve been through, and I’m actually thrilled at my prospects for the coming year.  Life is beautiful again.  What could be better than that?

One of the things that has really helped to make things easier is the fact that we’ve had a mild winter and seem to be having an early spring.  I’ve only had to shovel snow twice this year when usually, we’re still dealing with snow in April!  The local joke is that we are more apt to have a White Easter than a White Christmas.  The last few nights I’ve heard a lonely Spring Peeper determinedly peeping from down by the pond; tonight it was a chorus of Peepers that greeted my dog Sammy and me as we went out for our last walk of the day.  It was a balmy 52 degrees, foggy, with just faint pin-pricks of stars shining through the murky skies and it was exhilarating to hear those little frogs piping for all they’re worth, a fitting welcome for the first day of spring.  Today, I also noticed the first tiny leaves opening on a few bushes and vines and the lilac buds are thickening.  My daffodils are almost a month ahead of schedule; it looks as though the first ones will bloom in a few days!  Of course, all this has me itching to get to work in my gardens and start planting vegetables, but I don’t trust Mother Nature not to give us a few more blasts of winter before summer arrives.  We’ve been known to get snow as late as May, so despite the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying, I’ve seen too many spring snowstorms to be sure enough to put my early crops in yet, but, in a few weeks….. maybe!

March 10th, 2012 snowstorm.