Our first really warm day brought temperatures in the mid-70’s and lots of glorious sunshine!  This beautiful weather is just unreal; there have been many years when we were still getting snow at this time of year, so this is a delightful surprise!  This is also school vacation, so while I am working part-time, two of my granddaughters came to spend  Tuesday with me on my day off.  We had lots of fun enjoying the outdoors with a nice hike in the woods with the dog; they played with jump ropes and blew bubbles while I weeded the garden.  Later, we had sandwiches and homemade lemonade for lunch, and a mid-afternoon snack of homemade honey-yogurt ice cream.  YUM!  The afternoon slowed down with some indoor activities: arts and crafts and looking through some books, including a Winnie the Pooh story; it’s hard to explain the name Winne the Pooh to a three year old.  She looked at me with a perplexed look on her face: “Poop?”  “No,” I said, “Winnie the POOH.”  “Poop?” She repeated, still confused.  I don’t know if she ever caught on, but I can understand her befuddlement; it’s an oddly suggestive moniker.  They also noticed a blue heron fishing in the pond in the back yard, excitedly pointing out that: “There’s a bird out there!  I think it’s a swan or something!”  I took a look and saw the elegant heron, patiently waiting to catch its supper and explained what kind of bird it was.  I brought out one of my bird books and let them look the heron up and read all about it.  Then they started to notice other birds and look them up as well.  I’ll  make them into birders, yet!

This has been the way life has been for me lately, busy but pleasant.  My youngest daughter turned 28 just before Easter and I hosted her birthday party with homemade pizza, salad and cake; and two days later, I had a family Easter Brunch with quiche and orange sticky buns, but first I held an Easter Egg Hunt for the four grandkids under the age of ten and they had a great time finding all the goodies; most of which were small toys like bubbles in a bottle, wind-up chicks, bunnies and other critters, cars, plastic jewelry, stuffed animals,  etc., since I figured that they probably had enough Easter candy at home.   I did fill a few eggs with jelly beans, though, and this was my youngest grandson’s first experience with jelly beans and he thought they were delicious!  A few of these candies were dropped on the floor, which gave my dog Sammy his first opportunity to sample them and he, too, was impressed.  He faithfully followed the kids around, waiting for more jelly beans to hit the floor.  I could just see him thinking: “Please! Please!  Drop some more! Please!”  He loves it when the kids come to visit.  Not only are they fun to play and snuggle with but they’re always good for a impromptu snack if you don’t mind eating it off the floor.

In years past, Easter might be accompanied by snow bunnies- not skiers – but snowmen shaped like bunnies. This year, I actually had daffodils blooming in my garden!  The trees are still naked, but after today’s warm temperatures, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gives them the jump start they need to make those buds fatten up and sprout a canopy of green.  That’s my hope, anyway.  It’s been warm enough that I can sleep with my bedroom windows cracked open; I enjoy waking up to the sun streaming through my windows and the sweet, fresh air wafting in.  Easter morning I woke up to another delight; I always look out the windows toward the pond as soon as I get out of bed and there was herd of deer ghosting through the woods, parading in single file!   It took several minutes for them all to pass by, so I ran for my camera and snapped photos as quickly as I could, but the deer blend into the scenery so well that they’re really hard to see in the pictures; however, it was a magical sight to see!  (Check the photo below; there are four deer in this shot but the easiest one to see is in the bottom, left hand corner.)

I’m still loving my new job!  I’m thrilled to be working with books and writing about them and I very much enjoy the couple who employ me.  They are down to earth, intelligent and I feel as though we have a lot in common.  The husband purchased an antique wooden tool chest from me which my ex-husband had abandoned here; so I eagerly sold it off to get rid of the few remaining ex-husband cooties still lingering in my Little-Apartment-on-the-Pond.  Good riddance!

On to happier topics, all this mild weather has benefited my vegetable garden in that some of my lettuce, onions and chives over-wintered and are growing where they had been planted last year!  I know that chives come up by themselves every year, but I couldn’t believe that they lettuce seedlings not only survived, but continued to grow and the tiny onions that were so small that they didn’t get picked have also thrived.  I’m eager to get this year’s garden underway and still plan to double the size of my plot this season.  My baby tomatoes are growing and should be ready to go into the ground by the time the last frosts have past.  I would love to grow enough vegetables to put away for the whole winter and have extra to give away and sell, too.  We’ll see what the summer brings.  If my work schedule allows and my garden produces like it did last year, I still hope to sell my veggies at the local Tuesday afternoon Farmer’s Market.

A week ago today, was the anniversary of the awful discoveries about my ex-husband and I’m happy to report that after about 8 or 9 months of real angst, I gradually started coming out of the abject misery and felt my life turning around for the better.  Every morning I wake up in my old, high, four-poster bed thankful that my ex-husband is gone and for my new-found happiness and peace.