Do you ever ask yourself what am I doing and how did I get here?  Do you think back on your dreams and aspirations and compare them to where your life’s path has actually brought you thus far?

Here I am, starting over again, from the bottom.  Good gosh, it seems as though every time I just about get were I want to be, I get pushed back to another fresh start, older and hopefully wiser.  I feel much like the mythical Phoenix, periodically rising from the ashes.

I know that our lives are constantly in flux and will evolve and devolve depending on our current circumstances, but there are times when I allow myself a few moments to reflect on questions like the ones posted above, and I wonder what did I do (or didn’t I do) that caused me to end up at that particular place in life. My childhood hopes had been pretty simple; there were no pie-in-the-sky wishes to be rich and famous or some unrealistic plan to become a beach bum or something.  I just wanted to have a family,  friends, and make a modest living.  So, what happened?  Life.  And, I guess that as long as I can keep getting up to make it through one more day, keep making progress, keep pushing ever-forward, I will be okay.  I’m too stubborn to ever give up, although I do get frustrated with my situation from time to time.   When I catch myself grumbling over things for too long I give myself a metaphorical slap in the face and kick myself back into gear again.  I tend to over-think things to the point where it isn’t productive. I believe that if you have a problem and can do something about it, do it, if not, let it go.  What’s the best resolution? The worst?  The most likely? I figure out what I’ll do for each contingency and mentally file it away.  Carrying it around isn’t going to help, it will only make you miserable and ruin your health.  I don’t know about other people, but I sometimes forget how much power we have over our lives and that sometimes, all we need to do is step in and take charge; keep bashing away at that problem or rut until you break free of it and embark on a new path.

After all, we have a finite amount of time in which to enjoy life and goodness knows it’s too short to waste on things that don’t add to the wonder and beauty out there just waiting to be experienced.  We often give the negatives in our lives too much attention; much more attention  than they deserve.  Ask yourself: “How much will this matter a few months, years or decades  from now?” Will I even remember this then? Look to your loved ones, your hobbies and interests to enhance your life; they are the things that matter.  Watch the sun rise, slowly awakening the day;  go for a walk, sing, laugh, love, star-gaze….. it’s all free and such wholesome food for the soul!  Feast on that which inspires you!