Looking back on my recent posts, I seem to have a theme about enjoying and making the most of life; I guess it’s been on my mind a lot, lately.  I’ve been wrapped up in work more than I’d like lately, but what with the throes of the economy over the last 7 years, I’m happy to have work.  And, I’m still able to make time for family and friends but it’s a squeeze to eke that time out of my schedule.

There’s been another shake-up at work.  At first, it felt like deja vu with the rug being pulled out from under me again.  The bookstore job that I had so loved turned out to have some quirky issues…. besides the personal quirkiness, I’ve been called several times with no notice and told not to come into work because: once their daughter came for a visit so they asked me not to come in for the week or other times, just for the day when they had a doctor’s appointment or some other engagement.  :-/  Well.  This isn’t my hobby- this is my living and I live from month to month; their social conflicts were starting to put a real crimp in my modest lifestyle.  Then, a few weeks ago, I was told that they could now only afford to pay me to work one day a week.  Again, no notice.  Just, as of Monday (this was on a Friday) just come in one day a week.  Great.  I guess that means I’m going to be homeless very soon.  But, thank goodness, when I asked for more work from my other  job,  they sent me LOTS of work and I was thrilled to find that I was going to survive, after all… at least for the short term!   Back in July  I had also applied for a position as a column writer for a local magazine and was recently hired to produce one column a month.  I was beside myself with joy when I received that news!  And better yet, I was offered a ten hours a week  job to be a company’s online presence!  Woo-hoo!   It may be a lot of piece-meal income, but I’m not complaining!

All this financial turmoil has had me thinking about my Little-Apartment-on-the-Pond.  I love it here, but my distant elderly landlady has no concept of charging reasonable rates.  She charges what she want to have for income and consequently, the rent has gone up every year and it’s now considerably over-priced.  I’m paying about $200 more a month than anyone else I know with a one bedroom apartment; and especially when you consider that I’m in a garage apartment with a garage door going up and down under my bed, this is no bargain.  I love the apartment and the area, but I’m really beginning to take stock and trying to decide whether or not I should look around for something cheaper.  I’ve been offered another garage apartment at a MUCH lower rate that’s about the same size and it’s near my daughters and their families and walking distance to unspoiled ocean beaches.  Hmmmm…..  thinking…. thinking….

On another subject, I’d been dreading my August court date to renew the restraining order against my ex-husband to the point where I could hardly eat or sleep.  My mind reeled and stomach churned at the thought of having to be in a court room with him, again.  My longtime best friend accompanied me and thank goodness, the lug didn’t show up, so I was spared of the anxiety of having to see him again, but even so, I jumped every time the court room door opened and closed because I was afraid it would be him sauntering in.  While waiting for court to be called in session, I heard two courthouse employees talking and one asked the other to let her know if certain people were present, because the judge wanted her to pull their files.  One of the names mentioned was mine!  I was fortunate to be one of the first cases called and I went before the judge with the court house’s Victim/Witness lady and the judge only asked a few questions.  He wanted to know if I still feared my ex-husband and how long did I want to extend the restraining order.  I said yes and that I’d like it to be for as long as possible.  I was prepared to state all kinds of facts and pull out copies of harassing emails but he said: “I’m granting a PERMANENT restraining order.” And tapped his gavel.  I was stunned.  The Victim/Witness lady smiled hugely and whispered to me; “It’s permanent!  It’s done!” and gently guided me back to my friend and out of the room.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a permanent order, but if I never have to go back into a courtroom again, it will be too soon.   It’s an incredible relief to know that that saga is over!  He still works diagonally across the street from where I live, but I still have hopes that he’s moving out of state this fall.  Good riddance.  UGH!

Fall is coming soon; the sooner the better.  It has been one looooooong, hot summer with no air conditioning!  I can take some comfort in knowing that at least Cape Cod isn’t as toasty as many other parts of the Country, and usually we do have strong winds here, but even so, it’s been a beastly season.  Even my garden has suffered from the relentless heat and drying winds.  I keep planting successive crops, hoping to get enough veggies to take me through as much of the winter as possible, but this just isn’t a good year for many kinds of produce.  Well, that’s one thing about gardening; there’s always next year.

Or like Scarlett O’Hara says: “Tomorrow is another day!”