Here I am, in my new digs; it’s been a hectic month as I stayed up until the wee hours every morning packing for weeks and then reversed the process after I relocated.  My wonderful son-in-law, oldest (step) grandson and best friend all worked their butts off to help me get moved in.   For all our sakes, I sincerely hope that this was my last move, ever.  I’m definitely too old to be moving heavy stuff like that any more; it wasn’t so much my back, arms or anything, although my legs were like spaghetti after going up and down stairs literally hundreds of times over a period of weeks – but my hands ached and I had numbness and a stinging tingling in them- what’s up with that?!?  Actually, I looked it up online and it would seem that it’s just temporary nerve damage.  Thank goodness, the condition has improved a lot since then and I’m almost back to normal.

Even though my I’ve downsized my abode, my life has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to the proximity of my family.  I see my grandchildren almost daily and my daughters nearly as frequently.  There’s nothing like having them in my every day life: the stories read aloud, the games, baking pies together in preparation for Thanksgiving; sharing our first holiday as neighbors.  My oldest daughter was very brave: she invited us all to her house in the morning  for Thanksgiving Day brunch and the Macy’s Parade on TV, and later, we all converged there again for a big turkey dinner.  It was so much fun!

Now I’m back home to my quiet little sanctuary, with a fire in the (electric) fire place and, having hooked up the surround-sound to the VCR/DVD/ radio/CD player today (whole unit bought for $30 at an estate sale some years ago!) I’m listening to a classical music station that has just started to play some Christmas music.  Ah….. bliss!  I’m still not 100% unpacked, but I’m getting there.  I’m hoping to find places for the remaining stuff before I decorate for Christmas- that’s the plan, anyway.  We’ve had such a warm fall that I have to keep reminding myself that Christmas is just a month away; it doesn’t seem possible.

The mild temperatures have included two tropical storms since I’ve moved in, both with nearly hurricane-force winds. Following one of the storms, I took my dog Sammy for his last outing of the day, venturing into the still night.  As we walked up and down the lane, I listened to the thunderous crashing of the waves on the shore, about a quarter mile away.  We don’t often hear the surf all the way from here, but after big storms it takes a while for the seas to calm down and they continue to beat the coast for some time afterward.  The next morning the surf was quieter, but still audible.

I’ve been somewhat surprised to still have a multitude of coyotes in the neighborhood now that I’m living right in the village center.  But, the last few nights have been peaceful; no howling or yapping as the pack gathers for a meeting or celebrates a successful hunt, so Sammy and I stroll contentedly – with ears peeled – as I enjoy the spectacular night sky with millions of stars sparkling – always an awe-inspiring sight!  I have fond memories of my sea captain father showing me the constellations and talking about celestial navigation and how it was used throughout history; so the night time firmament is more than just a lovely light show for me- it fills me with warm remembrances from my childhood.

Ah, well, now that I’m out of the marital home, I feel as though this is a big step toward moving on in life – the beginning of a new chapter – and I’m going to do my best to ensure that it’s a happy one.