Oh, how wonderful it is to say that 2012 was so much kinder than the previous year!  It was a time of many changes and personal growth- although I still wonder at times if I’ll ever be normal- at least I can say that I feel I’m headed in a good direction.  I have work, I have a monthly column in a local magazine and I have family and friends close-by;  I’m living in a cozy loft apartment in a lovely New England seaside village; what more could one ask for?

As I ponder 2013, I think of my goals for the new year.  So far, there’s nothing terribly spectacular on my list.  My life-long best friend and I plan to take a road trip together where we’ll be visiting several of my family and friends and crossing off a few things off her bucket list while we’re on our travels.  I hope to grow my professional writing resume as well as expand my job horizons.  I’m still working on my self-improvement; something which has been on hold as I struggled financially through the last year.  This year, if all goes well, I should be able to get back into a really healthy diet.  2012’s vegetable garden wasn’t all that successful; which meant that I had a lot less nutritious, free food to consume so I was stuck with living on oatmeal, pasta, beans and rice for the most part.  It wasn’t terribly unhealthy, but I really missed eating two meals a day out of my garden all summer and fall and had a lot less to put in the freezer.  As of now, I just have about a gallon of mixed beans and peas in the freezer and a few carrots left from the summer.  With luck, next year’s garden will produce well and also, my income will be more dependable so that I may eat what is good for me and instead of what I can afford.

I’m going back and forth with myself about possibly joining a gym, but I really don’t have time to actually attend one.  I would like to get back into a daily exercise routine; something more than just walking the dog and I’m trying to figure out how to work that into my schedule.  I believe that it’s one of the best things I can do for myself to preserve my health and stave-off aging.

I will turn 52 soon.  I have wrinkles and lots of white hair.  Recent photographs drive home what I’ve been able to ignore in the mirror: that I’m no longer even middle aged (unless I live to be over 100 years old) and that I’m slowly turning the corner to being “old”.  How long to I keep hennaing my hair and wearing my hair long?  Do I give in to the old lady short ‘do’?  (Nah!  I would look terrible with short hair!)  These may seem like silly questions but I look at my contemporaries whose dyed hair is glaringly dark, frosted, bleached or brassy and I wonder if I look that bad.  That’s what makes me think that I might do just as well as to let my hair go natural- which is mostly white at this point.  I’ve never been enthusiastic about artificial cosmetic options but the only thing that has had me dying my hair this long is that my skin is so ghastly fair that I need the color to keep from looking like an albino!  The big thing that worries me is that I’m just going to look like a ghost!  But, I guess I’ll just have to figure out how to make it work for me.  I think I’m just going to go through what remains of my one pound bag of auburn henna powder and then I’m going to figure out how to rock the white hair!

As the old saying goes: “Happiness is a choice” and I intend to choose to be happy- even if it means acknowledging getting older!

May you all have a wondrous new year full of love, laughter, prosperity and adventure!