Ugh.  This is my fifth cold since January.  I’m so tired of having a runny nose and a cough that won’t quit!  I’m exhausted from endless nights of coughing my brains out.  I’ve heard that this has been an especially bad cold and flu season; probably due to a severe winter which has kept people cooped-up coughing and sneezing on one another and otherwise sharing germs.  I hope that spring comes soon and brings lots of warmth and sunshine.  I’ve about had enough of this; both the weather and being sick.

While I’m complaining, I’m also tired of buying things that do not work as designed; example: a brand-new vacuum that will not pick up dirt and pet fur (and I mean at all- even if I try to manually feed it a bit of fluff, it spits it out like a baby rejecting a spoonful of strained peas), my new laptop with a Windows 8 Operating System sucks even worse than the new vacuum, a crock pot that doesn’t come up to temperature, the washing machine that leaks water and functions badly and now just plain refuses to do anything, an electric  space heater which upon being fired-up, smells like it’s going to literally ‘fire-up’ and makes more noise than an older heater I’ve used to take the chill off my bathroom for years. What is with quality control these days?  Is nothing made to last?  Even my faithful ten year old truck has had assorted problems this year and spending hundreds of dollars on it at a time hasn’t totally cured it yet.  My toilet leaks and has to be babied and cajoled into doing it’s job, but at least it has the excuse of being at least 40 to 45 years old.  I should add that every one of these things were made by well-known name brands.  This is really frigging depressing.  I just want to clean house and get rid of all this uncooperative crap.  Some of it, like the washing machine and the new vacuum are being returned.  The computer: Microsoft isn’t offering Windows 7 any more so I have to stick with this diabolical OS until something better comes along. My truck: I’m just going to have to hope for the best.  It’s paid-for and I can’t afford to buy another vehicle.  The toilet has earned a well-deserved retirement; either my landlord or I will replace it.  The rest of the junk: I stupidly waited until I’d had it too long to be able to return it, so I can either give it away with dire warnings, deep-six it or keep it around in hopes it might prove to be useful someday.

Those renegade household items have pushed me into making the decision to take more steps to simplify my life.  I’ve already downsized quite a bit, but I want to downsize further to make my new, efficiency loft apartment more efficient and less cluttered.  Quality products are harder to find these days and it seems that what is available is often responsible for eating up our time and serenity.  It may sound like a funny thing to say, but, just think of the time I spent working to pay for that vacuum; the time I wasted trying to make it suck up dirt; reading the manual to see if I was doing something wrong; taking it apart to see if it was clogged with dirt; looking on the Internet to see if this machine was prone to problems and finally, what it boiled down to was that it just doesn’t work and I should just return it and get my money back.  But, I’ll never get those lost hours back, never mind all the aggravation it’s caused me.  And that’s just dealing with one of these poorly made items.  This leads me to believe that the fewer items I have around, and the more basic they are, the less time and aggravation I’ll waste on simply trying to run a household.  I have no more time for renegades.